Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mandriva 2007 Spring

Mandriva has released their latest distribution, called Mandriva 2007 Spring which comes in several flavor: One CD (Live CD) One DVD of Free Software Packages and of course more version available for Club Mandriva users.

Mandriva Spring will include the latest version of most package, such as GNOME 2.18 desktop, the latest stable KDE 3.5.6, 2.1 (with experimental 2.2 packages available), the latest Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and the upcoming Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0 beta 2. This release also features an impressive 3D desktop software suite, with the groundbreaking Metisse desktop technology, the latest Compiz as well as all the newest and most impressive Beryl plugins - and you thought you knew what 3D-accelerated desktops looked like. It even provides Dolphin 0.8.2, the future KDE file manager, which should be available in the next KDE 4. Nice....

To you Mandriva's Fans, start your engine and download them...

Some reference:
Mandriva Spring
Release Note

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