Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not Feeling Well

Last night, after i went back from my friend's house, i started to felt dizzy and i got a headache. I didn't know why, but my prediction is that i am too tired in the last few days. Today i forced myself to go to the office, because i have to give something to my friend, even though my head and body was heavier than usual. Perhaps i will go back to my house after lunch time if all of my works is already finished and took some rest. Tomorrow is my girlfriend's birthday and i want to be the first person who congrats her at midnight, so i had to take some rest as soon as possible.

Last year, i almost got a typhus and it happened also in April, which forced me to take quite long rest for about three weeks. Is it annual sickness? I don't know and i don't want to happen each year. Everybody likes to be healthy and so do i.

For those who registered to Indonesian Linux Forum after lunch time, perhaps you will have to wait until tomorrow before i can approve your activation request since i will not be available until tomorrow. Sorry for that. It's not what i expected, but i do have to take some rest before it get worse.

Update (15:00) : i forgot to bring back my cellphones which i left it on my desk, so i had to get it back and when i reached the office, it was started to rain, so i had to wait there for a moment and update this blog again :(


  1. Anonymous2:16 PM

    the cause of your illness is quite obvious: you are posting too much...:p

  2. what's the relation ? :p

    i had to go back to the office today as i forgot to bring back my cellphones and eventually it started to rain, so i had to wait in the office :(