Sunday, April 08, 2007

Get Organized With BackPackIt

Do you ever write your notes or ideas on a piece of papers? If you do, the probably you will do the same thing with PDA or smart phone, since it's very common to put those information in your gadget (since most people will bring their gadget to everywhere they go). But there's also other way to make it accessible, which is Internet. That's when BackPackIt comes to play.

What is BackPackIt? Well, here's the original definition from the site:
Backpack is a simple web-based service that allows you to make pages with to-do lists, notes, files, and images. Backpack also features a Calendar and Reminders that can be sent via email or to your cell phone at predefined times.

In short, by using this services, you will be able to share your ideas, todo list, notes, and many more. You can do lots of things with this services. And since it can be configured to be publicly accessible by other people, people can also give their suggestions or even remind you if they notify that you had something to do today. Nice isn't it?