Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Slackbook Project Updated

Finally i have some time to update the Slackbook again after i left it for several months due to tight schedule and also lots of works to do on my current project. Today i have finished section 8 and a bit of section 9 and i have commit them to the CVS Server. Hopefully i can continue to work on this project while keeping my current work on schedule (this is the main priority). Don't expect to see this project finish on short term as currently i'm the only active person who works for this project. I will need help in order to make this project finishes faster.

It's too bad that the original Slackbook is not being updated again, since there has been a lot of changes after the release of Slackware 11 and also the upcoming Slackware release (11.1). Many people still refer to this slackbook when they tried to use Slackware for the first time. I wish somebody will start updating it and synchronizing it with the latest Slackware release (and probably with the upcoming Slackware release).

Update (12 April 2007 16:21): Section 9 has been committed to the CVS server. I will start translating the next section this weekend or perhaps next week

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