Thursday, April 19, 2007

Burning Failed

Last night i scheduled to download Mandriva One Spring 2007, which consist of one CD (not DVD) of Mandriva Spring 2007, the latest Mandriva distribution based on Mandriva 2007. It was finished in about 3 hours and i have checked the MD5SUM value that it's valid. But when i tried to burn it, it failed at the last stage with an error message like : "Cannot calibrate... " (i didn't remember). I'm guessing it is related with the CD i used. Perhaps i will use another CD to burn this distro and i will try it later on. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next try :D

I just want to try the Metisse and Beryl, since i already tried Compiz and it looks great, but i think Beryl is better then Compiz. The cube rotation is more realistic with Beryl rather than in Compiz.

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