Monday, April 02, 2007

Busy Day

Today i had to go to many places. It started at Atma Jaya University to find information about the master program, but too bad. The administration was closed until next week (due to easter day). Next was UGM. I went to the MIPA faculty to get more information about the master degree there. I got what i need and the admission guy remembered me (because i had registered to MKOM also before i joined QnAp Asia, but i canceled it). He also gave me a calendar as a gift (Thanks for that).

Next stop was Computa, one of the biggest computer shop in Jogja to find more information about ADSL modem, since i'm planning to use Speedy as my future ISP. There were two kind of modem that were available on this store. The first is SMC which only had 1 port and the price was US$40 and the other one is D-Link which had 4 ports and the price was US$75. Maybe i'll take the second one, since i still have 3 spare ports which can be used for other purpose (for example for WiFI or to be used for my laptop). I also bought Citranet voucher because my voucher is already expired.

Next stop was at my college, UKDW. I met several lectures and also some friends there. I was also invited by one of the lecturer to share some information in Software Engineering class about how important documentation is. We might know some terms such as CRS (Customer Requirement Specification), FRS (Functional Requirement Specification), TLD (Top Level Design), DD (Detail Design), and many other documents. This document are very important, since without proper documentation, it will be very hard to maintain an application in the future (enhancing or upgrading the current application), mostly if the developer who build the original application is not there anymore.

It's quite a busy day and it will continue tomorrow. Tomorrow i will have busy day also, but i don't think it will be as busy as today. Ok, stop blogging and start making the materials for tomorrow :D