Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Look on Why Project

It's been some time since my last visit to's Why Campaign. I think it was one or two months ago, so today i checked the site again and it has been drastically changed. The front page is now has better look and it's more stylish then the original version. They have moved some files also (which makes the local why page became miserable when they link their CSS file to the original CSS file in the why project directory, since it has been renamed).

I might need some time before i have the localize version of the new Why campaign. I already prepare all the resources i need on my local repository and the next job will be translating them into Indonesian and commit the page into OOo's CVS server (well, i do have committed the images to the server since the image will be reused). I hope i can finish this project by the end of this week.

Update (18:13): Some of the pages are already up and running (it's 100% valid XHTML 1.0 Strict). Please have a look on this URL. I will continue to finish this tomorrow and have this done by the end of this week.

Update (12 April 2007 07:05): Now everything is committed to the server and all of the new Why project is finished. I finished this last night :D

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