Monday, April 30, 2007

Nice Farewell Party

The farewell party is great. Most of my colleagues came to the office to participate on the BBQ party. It's more like a reunion rather than a farewell party. Well, it supposed to be like this, as this is not a permanent farewell, since i'm still alive, just moving back to Jogja to continue with my study. The BBQ party went so wild, but we managed not to burn the house hahahahaha....

Working in this company is so fun. The working style is not very strict as in other companies, i'm pretty sure. I will miss my colleagues and also the way of working in QnAp Asia. Thank you for everything guys (and gals) for what you have gave to me...


  1. Hey Willy, you left the company? It's getting empty in the company with Rudi gone too. You are going for your masters now? Anyways - good luck and enjoy! :)

  2. yes, i'm already in Jogja while you were reading my email (and probably when you watched my blog post) :D

  3. Johan1:46 PM

    Take care willy, i hope we stay in contact. Must be, because I will continue reading your weblog