Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My PC Is Broken!!!

Today i had a long journey from Jakarta to Jogja, which unfortunately had some delays again (this time was 45 minutes, but the plane was departed 30 minutes later, so it was 15 minutes ahead the delay schedule). Meantime, the time needed to go to Jogja was cut to 40 minutes from 50 minutes (i didn't count it precisely, but i'm sure it was a quick flight). I feel this flight was one of the most nice flight i ever had. I could see the sky clearly since i got a seat in the side of the window and not in the back again (this time, i arrived at the airport at about 10 and my plane was scheduled to depart at 11.25 AM. The plane wasn't bumping too much at take off and also at landing. It's just too bad we didn't get a chance to ride the new plane from Lion Air.

After i arrived at my house, i unpack all of my luggage and start organizing my cupboard, since a lot of clothes must be moved away for the new one. Next, i picked up my girlfriend at her office and we had dinner together. I gave her my gift for her birthday which happened last month and finally we arrived at her house at 9 PM. We had some talks until 9:45 PM and finally i went back to my house to go online.

This was the start of the nightmare. First, i wanted to update my PC first before i go online, for example updating the application, installing patches and also updating anti virus definition for my Windows PC. Ok, everything is upgraded and i was ready to go Online with my computer. When i was browsing, suddenly my cursor stopped at some points and my PC restart by itself. I was surprised, since i didn't do anything stupid, so i tried to wait and see what happened next and finally i knew the problem. It's just my prediction, but i think the VGA was the source of the problem. It booted until Windows Splash Screen, and when it would go to Login Screen, it stopped and goes nothing while the harddisk LED was still on. I tried to boot to my Slackware and it had the same problem. It went fine when the system boot into text mode. I could login normally, but when i entered startx to start my new graphical mode, the nightmare started. I couldn't do anything on my screen, so i just turned it off for now and have it fixed tomorrow. The worst case is that i had to buy a new VGA card for my PC or i should use the onboard card if it's available. Urghh.... I still need the money to have Speedy installed and also buying modem for Speedy. I think i will spend more money than i predicted :(


  1. Mau beli VGA TNT saya?


  2. Weleh nabung nabung
    Welcome to Sipit area again for buying new VGA ;p

  3. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Hmmm, where did you put your computer? (bagasi atau kabin). Kok sampai begitu... :) Best wishes.

  4. @Dudidam: No thanks. I think i will buy a new one :D

    @Cien2: Even though i had to be Sipit, i still had to buy this one

    @ Hardjono: I put it where it stayed for the last six years. I didn't move it anywhere...