Monday, May 14, 2007

Good Bye Gerry

This morning i got a shocking news. One of the's Documentation Project Co-Lead, Gerry Singleton has passed away due of heart attack on May 12th in a Toronto hospital. We never expected this kind of news, but it's a fact. Gerry Singleton was an active developers who are mainly working with Documentation projects, mostly maintaining Setup Guides 2.x along with Marko and currently planning to update the User Guide. He became the co-lead on Documentation project since May of 2004 along with Scott Carr and both of them have done a great efforts on this project. His absence will be a great loss to the project.

He's one of the developers who helped me when i started the OOo's Documentation project to learn new things (CVS, Issue Tracker, etc). Without him, i wouldn't be able to contribute to the OOo projects. I really thanked you for that and i will never forget what you have done in the past.

My condolences to his family. Good bye Gerry and Thank You.....