Friday, May 11, 2007

Wrong Shipment Address

PermataBank usually sends their offering and also account transaction history via a monthly newsletter. Usually it was sent to my office, since my friend also used my office as the shipping address, so they could send it in one drop, but since i have moved back to Jogja, this become a problem. My ex-colleague sent me an offline YM message saying that the newsletter came into the office today and what should she do with it. Yesterday i have issued a complaint (it supposed to be a request) to Permata to change the shipment address to my current address in Jogja, but i still hadn't got any response up to know, so i send an email address to the email address shown on their site. I hope they will respond it on Monday and process it ASAP, so my next newsletter will come to the right place mrgreen


  1. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Most of the bank only servicing the client in the same city only. In your case, I bet your request will be ignored. Your best solution will be closing your account at Jakarta branch and opening at Yogyakarta branch.

  2. Anonymous4:07 PM

    anonymous is correct, Willy..

    I had ask this question when I make the bank account in Permata.

    Permata only send the account statement in the same city with the branch where you create your account.

    if you want to have the account statement to be send to you home in Jogja, then you must close the account in Jakarta and create one in Jogja.

    i think this is for make the courier cost low.

  3. Hm.. then i think i should ask them not to send it again. It would cost me more if i had to close my account because i had to go to Jakarta :D