Saturday, May 19, 2007

Not Syncronized

This morning, i went to Plasa Telkom to upgrade my cousin's Speedy account into unlimited version and we will use it together. I got queue number 73 and i had to wait for about 30 minutes before i was processed. The process took longer than i thought since (i think) Telkom was training new employees at Saturday. The girl that works on my report was asking her friend all the time, so i thought that she was new and so did the others. After she processed it, the old employee said that my account has been upgraded to the unlimited version automatically since at the time she confirmed my request. I wished that the upgrade can be started next month, to reduce a possibility of double billing (the old personal and the new unlimited usage). She said that next month's billing will already use the new unlimited bill.

So when i went home at noon, i checked via their website and saw that my cousin's account was still in personal account. I contacted Telkom's customer service and they confirmed that my account was still in personal account and hasn't been upgraded to unlimited. I was suspecting that the process will need some time to complete, so i was thinking that it will be processed next Monday.

IMHO, they shouldn't say that my account has been upgraded to unlimited meanwhile the process is not yet finished, because when they said that, i might think that it's already being transfered and i could download lots of things without worrying that i will surpassed the quota (1 GB for personal account). The only thing that i worried is the double billing. Well, they said that next month's billing will already use the unlimited one, so let's see it whether it's true. I wished that they will get synchronized lol

Update (20 May 2007 15:15) : The update process is being done at midnight, as today my account has been upgraded to unlimited.