Sunday, May 13, 2007

Attending JEMUAH-NG Again

At last, i had a chance to attend JEMUAH-NG again. I didn't get there on time, since i had a preliminary test first at MIPA for my MMI program. I started the test at 8 AM and finished about 12.30 PM and that's when i when i went to KPTU to join the meeting. KPTU was being used by several students to post their posters about design exhibition (i don't know that event), so the meeting took place on parking slot of FastNet, near the UGM's library. We discussed about the next ILC conference that (hopefully) will be conducted in Jogja. There were a lot of new people that i have never met before (surely, because the organization committee has been rescheduled few months ago since it was already two years) and that's a good news. Lots of new people are joining Jogja's LUG community. I also got a Ubuntu stickers from one of the members (i was hoping a Slackware stickers since i don't use Ubuntu currently, but it's OK) hehehe

Too bad i don't know whether i will be able to join that meeting again in the future, since my class will be held on Saturday/Sunday, so it really depends on the schedule of my class. But if it's possible, i will try to be there, as the place is very near with my building.