Friday, May 04, 2007

Security Updates For PHP

PHP Team has released a major security and stability update to PHP 4.4.x and 5.2.x which fixed most of the bugs revealed by Stefan Esser on his MOPB event and also other bug fixes, and not forgetting about improvements to several components of the PHP, such as GD library, Zend Memory Manager, SPL, SOAP, and lots of other. If you are interested, please see the PHP 5 Changelog or PHP 4 Changelog which list all of them in a human-readable format.

Since i'm still using dial up here in on my house (i haven't had time to apply for Speedy yet), i'm not able to download lots of things here (even though there has been a lot of updated application i wanted to download), so let's just be patient. In the meantime, i'm downloading PHP 5 package for Linux which still makes sense for me to download (7 MB) rather than the Windows Installer (22 MB).

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