Tuesday, May 08, 2007

No Weekend Class Again

Dikti and Depdiknas has forbid any universities to hold weekend and distance learning class (taken from Wikimu, which was taken from Suara Pembaruan, May 8 2007) because they saw a violation about this program which is considered to help the students to graduate easily. Any certification from this two class will be considered invalid. I don't know whether this only applies to bachelor degree (S1) or also for master degree (S2), since i'm taking MMI program in UGM where all of my classes will be held at weekend (Saturday and Sunday) biggrin

Actually weekend class is not a bad idea in my opinion, since it helps many people who had to work on regular day, so they still can study while keep earning money by working. And nowadays lots of universities open a weekend class, mostly for master degree, since most of their students are an employee, so they can't leave their job.

So, what's your opinion about this?