Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Changed My HD

Yesterday i got a phone call from the technician that handles my PC and he wanted to ask my permission to format my partition and i said, OK. First he wanted to format only the first partition (C:), but later on he asked again and wanted to format all of them. Well, it's very problematic, but it's ok, since i have all my data backed up on my laptop and on my portable hard disk. Today, he contacted me again and saying that my HD is probably the main problem. Well, it's six years old and i think it's time to change the HD, so i asked him to change it into 80 GB of a new HD and also change my old ASUS CDROM into a brand new DVDROM drive. Both of them were six years old and i have never changed that before (i have upgraded my processor, RAM, and Motherboard before).

Having bigger hard disk means i can save more data/files into my hard disk without having to worry about lack of space (even though 80 GB is considered relatively small for nowadays hard disk which can have up to 300 GB or probably more). But for a PC, i think it's enough. Because of the bigger space, i can allocate more space for my system partition and also for Linux. Previously, i only allocated 10 GB for Linux and now, i will probably allocate 15 GB, so i can play a lot with my Slackware. For the version, i think i will wait until 11.1 is released, because the transition from 11.0 to -Current is quite big and i had to do a lot of configurations again, so let's just wait for the 11.1. I hope it won't take too long to be released, but as The Man said, there's no official schedule on when will the next Slackware be released. It will be released when it's ready. I agree on this one as 11.1 will bring a big change compared to the previous version. It will support only 2.6.x kernels, having modular XOrg packages (7.2), GCC 4.1.x, GLIBC 2.5.x, supports for 3D desktops (via Compiz) and many more. I have been using -Current and it's working well on my laptop so far.


  1. "Having bigger hard disk means i can save more data/files into my hard disk without having to worry about lack of space"

    Which means you could lost more data/files :D