Friday, May 25, 2007

24 Season 6 Completed

24 Season 6 has finally over after the 24th episode has been released. I've been watching this TV series since season 4 (i know it's kinda late, but since each session has it's own story, i don't mind at all). For the episode 1 - 19, i watched it on Jakarta, but since i went back to Jogja, the story keeps rolling, but i didn't have the fast Internet connection to watch this movie, so when i have the better connection now, i continue to watch the movie at Fanpop. The bad thing is that the source has deleted the 21st and 22nd episode, so i had to skip those two and continue with 23 and 24, the last episode and finally i saw it (even though for the last episode, it stopped 10 minutes before it should be).

I'm looking forward for the next season which should be available next year (January 2008, according to Wikipedia). It's written that this episode will bring major changes. I wonder what kind of tension that Jack will give on the next episode. There's still a lot of possibility, so let's just wait until next year.


  1. David Sudjiman6:19 PM

    Season 6 ya? Baru selesai Season 1 dan masih terus berjuang nonton season2 selanjutnya. Ternyata bagus juga ;-)

  2. aku juga ngulang lagi dari season 1, soalnya dulu langsung season 4 hehe