Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Development Tools

This morning i opened up my RSS Reader and i saw an entry about a new release of GCC and also SubVersion. Both of them are well known development tools that are widely used, both in Windows or Linux platform (but mainly are in Linux). GCC is a GNU C Compiler (but it has a wide variants which can handle other language than C) which is being used as a default C/C++ compiler on most GNU/Linux platform, including Windows or other Unix-like platform). GCC team has released GCC 4.2 as the latest version. See the Release Note for more information about this release.

Meanwhile CollabNet has released SubVersion 1.4. SubVersion is a code management tool which can help you track the development of a source code. By using this application, you can see the actual development process because you can see who's the author of the code, who commit the changes, what changes has been made, and you can see the difference between revisions. It's another alternative for CVS which has served us a little bit longer.

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