Friday, May 18, 2007

Auto Save Feature

Even though Firefox (my preferred browser) has a built-in session recovery (which can be enhanced by using TabMixPlus extension), i still had to re-write again all of my post material when i'm writing a post and suddenly my Firefox crashed. Blogger teams realized that problems and they added a new feature which will help bloggers to reduce that kind of problem by adding an Auto Save feature.

Now, in periodic time, Blogger will save our post to their servers, and it will be tagged as Draft posts and it will be available for you for future investment lol (just in case your browser crashed or any other worse tragedy). They set the interval to be once in a minute (in my case, it's lest than a minute, but that's fine), but it depends on how fast you type. One of the most visible indication is the SAVE NOW button which will turn into gray when it tried to save your post (It will turned ito SAVED when your post has been saved successfully).

Way to go Blogger teams. Thanks for the great feature you added and we're looking for more in the future mrgreen

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