Monday, May 21, 2007

Keep Growing

Jogja LUG has been available for years and it's member are growing each day. We didn't officially count how many members that have registered, since most of the members are students, so it's very fluctuating. Every year, people came in and came out. As the result, we often use the mailing list statistics to get an overview on how many members who have joined the community, since most of our activities are being posted into the mailing list and the mailing list is one of the most busy one among the other LUG. It's a virtual place where most people can talk, discuss, share about GNU/Linux and Open Source. The latest statistics shows that our mailing list member already reached 1447 members. This is a great news, since the mailing list has just been founded at 2002. I do hope that many new members will come and join us and enjoy GNU/Linux.