Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Ubuntu CD Arrived

Just know, i received a package from Netherlands containing Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Edubuntu CDs (Feisty Fawn). I ordered this CDs on April 12 (i knew this service from one of member's posting in Linux Forum and i ordered it in the same day). The only fees that i had to pay is only IDR 7.000 (for taxes and repackaging). In each release, Ubuntu shipment goes faster and faster. I remember when i first ordered Ubuntu few years ago, the shipping process took months to arrived until i thought it was rejected or loss on the way mrgreen

Well, i hope that people who ordered this CDs won't have to pay much just like in the old time where some people claimed that they were forced to pay more than IDR 100.000 just to get the package from the post office station.

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