Monday, May 28, 2007

New Printer

Today, i bought a new printer to replace my old printer that already helped me during my college and it's time to replace it, since the cartridge is already broken and i don't think that the spare parts do exists. It was bought about ten years ago, so it's quite obsolete. Thus, i need a new printer for my college and also my parent's business. So i went to Els computer today and i bought a new Pixma iP1880 series. Why would i choose this model? One of the reason is that Canon provides a Linux driver from their site (other vendors probably do, but as far as i know, Canon does a good job on supporting Linux, like the other Canon driver i uploaded to Jogja Linux), but i only find it in Singapore's site, and not in other countries. It's provided in RPM format (sigh.. Slackware don't use RPM format, but i will try to convert them using rpm2tgz and see if it works). The problem is that the site is somehow doesn't respond to my download request. It just stopped there without giving me the files i needed. Does anybody managed to download the driver? It will be very helpful if i can grab them from someone's site directly rather than via Canon's website.

Update (29 May 2007 : 00:11 AM): I tried to download using IE and it worked. Strange. Is it only optimized for IE? I don't know.

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