Saturday, May 26, 2007

Out of Tickets

Today, i went to Plaza Ambarukmo again to watch the last series of The Pirates of Carribean with my girlfriend, but we were out of tickets when we got there. I went from my girlfriend's house at 4 PM, and reached there around 4.30 PM and we were hoping to get the ticket for 6.10 PM or perhaps 7 PM, but all of them were sold out. Other option was at 9 PM, but there was only one seat left, so we decided to postpone it. I'm not surprised, since i already predicted this one. This movie has just been released 3 days ago, so people are still eager and curious to watch this movie, so most of them will fight for the tickets, even though they have to wait for a long time for queue. I think i could get the tickets if i went there at the morning, but i had to go the campus at that time. Well, i didn't make it today, but there's still tomorrow and next week. I do have to watch the last episode.


  1. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Man, do you honestly think Planet Terasi is the right place to update the world about what you and your girlfriend do?

    Is it really that important?

  2. Actually it's about me and since my blog is registered in the Planet Terasi, it will be displayed there also.

    If you see other's post, they talk about their activities also and nobody complaints about that.