Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Blogger Error

Today, i saw a posting on Blogger Buzz about adding an image to the header which has just been added to Blogger, so no further hacking is required. We only need to add img tag and it will do it for us. So, i'm trying to look for it on my SlackBlogs, since in this account, i still use the old design (because i had some problem after migrating to the new design) and here is what i got: a 404 error message. Probably Blogger team should resolve this problem ASAP

Update (11:31 PM): The error has been fixed by the Blogger team.


  1. Bug Finder :D wil, who knows they will recruit you :D

  2. sejak kapan statusku berubah jadi tester ya? sayang aku belum join ke programnya Blogger sebagai tester, jadi gak dapet tambahan bonus hehehe

  3. error yang sama sering juga terjadi pada new blogger.