Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Study Again

After i saw a confirmation at UGM's website that i had to take a preliminary test next Sunday, i started to prepare myself again for that test. The test will be conducted from 8 AM to 3 PM and there will be three subject that will be tested: Introduction to Information System, Database, and Algorithm and Programming. If i pass this test, then i will start my study at September and i don't have to take the matriculation class which will be held on May to August.

I asked my friend who took the ILKOM program whether he had the test which he took when he applied the program and he did save it, so i borrowed it and read it (just curious about the question's type). Most of the questions are still using Pascal. I haven't used Pascal again since few years back. It was taught when i entered my first year in College and the last time i used Pascal was at Data Structure on my third semester. I also have deleted my Turbo Pascal application, but luckily, some guy on the Internet still provide the application on his website, so i downloaded it (2,5 MB) and installed it. I still have some old books about Turbo Pascal and i will read it, just in case i had to make a program again in Pascal. I'm very lucky since i didn't throw away that book and still keep it on my shelter. I also had a nice book about Information System by James O' Brien which was given by my girlfriend two years ago. This book is a translation edition and it was quite interesting. I once read this book, but i haven't finished it completely, so perhaps it's time to re-read it again for my test.