Sunday, May 20, 2007

Busy Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow, i will have quite a busy day. As usual, Monday is a great way to start a new day with bunch of tasks. I had to go to the computer shop to pick up my PC (i hope it's already finished or i will have to wait for a few days again and use my laptop to browse the Internet). Even if it's finished, i had to install the programs from scratch again, as it's using a new HD. Besides picking up my PC, i should find more information about LAN cable because i need it for my Internet connection. The modem is located on my cousin's house, so i had to buy LAN cable to get an access to it. The distance is about 30-35 meters, so i will buy about 40 meters, which should be sufficient. On Saturday, i have submitted a complaints about my Speedy connection which is very poor. My dial up sometimes can do better than Speedy (using TelkomNet Instan), can you imagine that? I was suspecting that the phone line was the main problem, so i asked Telkom to check the infrastructure at my house. I wish they will investigate this ASAP, as i need it badly.

I also need an access to my college's library, because i had to find some books which i need as a reference for my material for the next Software Engineering 2 class which is assigned to me. I will ask that access tomorrow also as i have asked for that last week. I will start teaching in June until Juli (it's a two week class, because it's not a regular class). I already had a brief summary of the core materials, but i'm still open for opinions and suggestions. If you have some suggestions about what i should teach (or included) in this class (Software Engineering 2), please drop me an email and i will be happy to consider it. So far, i'm focusing on Software Testing, QA (Quality Assurance) and a little bit of Metrics. Last weekend, i went to Gramedia book store in Plaza Ambarukmo and i found an interesting imported book about People CMM (i didn't buy this book, but instead i bought another novel). It's another variant of CMM (Capability Maturity Model) and also CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration). Probably if i had enough time to do some information gathering on this, i will include it also on my materials.

Another task i should do is helping my parents with their job. I had to take care several tasks (but not critical) to ease their work. Tomorrow is also the announcement day for those who took the MMI test last week (including me)whether us have to take the matriculation class or not. If we pass the test, we can skip the matriculation test and starts the class on September. If not, then we should re-register again and follow the matriculation class which will starts at the end of this month.

Ohh.. what a busy day tomorrow....


  1. Guadull wakkaka kirain beli buku CMM nya.. ternyata malah novel
    dasar maniak novel neh..
    dul siap2 traktir2 ya...
    Gud luck yo Pak Willy :D

  2. iya, bukunya yg CMM mahal je. Lagian novelnya ttg computer juga, jadi mirip2 Digital Fortress, jadi tertarik.

    Btw, siap2 traktir apaan nich? Gak ada event2 khusus kok hehehe