Thursday, May 10, 2007

Strange Problem

Today, i started my laptop and something wrong is going on. After logging in, i can see my desktop normally, but every time i launch an application, it won't execute it. Everything became very slow like a snail. So i tried to run my Linux system and i didn't have this problem, so i guess, it's only specific to Windows. Next, i tried to go to safe mode and do some checking, and run the check disk with all options ticked, so next time i started my Windows, it will start checking my disk and it did. It took some time to finish, but the good news is that it didn't find any problem, so the problem is not in the hard drive. It's in the software or probably operating system. So i boot again to normal Windows and it occurred again. The system stops responding all of my commands. This time, i took different approach. Instead of restarting it, i waited for some time and finally all of my application is starting up. I finally knew that the problem lies in the LiveUpdate service which wouldn't start up after the long timeout (30000 milliseconds). Probably i should upgrade to the latest LiveUpdate service or reduce the timeouts in order to have shorter delays.

This problem has made me worried so much, since my PC is still being repaired and i must do lots of things using computers. Thank goodness it's OK now. I'll run some test again later on and hopefully it is completely fixed.

Update (22:23): Finally it's already been fixed. There were some configuration changes after my laptop was being used to test my cousin's speedy connection. Now i also have an updated of LiveUpdate application.

Update (13 May 2007 17:59): Perhaps my problems is due to the same problem many people had which was described in PCWorld. The solution is to download and install new WSUS 3.0 client and also KB927891 which will be publicly available next May 22. For now, if your computer is running 100% all the time, try to disable the Automatic Updates. I hope it will fix the problem i encountered for several days which makes me waited for about 20 minutes before any application i launched gets executed and started.


  1. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Install Linux, solve all of your problem.

  2. I do have linux on my laptop

  3. hehehe Willy kok disuruh install Linux, hahaha

  4. padahal sudah ditulis aku pake Slackware :p