Wednesday, May 30, 2007

SO on SQ

In this post, SO refers to StarOffice and SQ refers to Singapore Airlines. Yes, StarOffice is being offered free of charge to passengers on its new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. It was installed on the server inside the aircraft and can be accessed via a seat-back terminal at each passenger's seat. The passenger have an access to a USB ports to work with their documents which is saved on the flash drives or portable HD. It's a nice solution for those who don't want to use their laptop during a flight (some flight requires that no laptop access during flight for security reason). See the full article on DesktopLinux.

Don't try to imagine when will this kind of service arrived in local airways. Most of the planes from local airways have very narrow seat and free space, thus it's impossible to rest very comfortable, more over working with computers.

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