Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spiderman 3

I was planning to watch Spiderman 3 today with my girlfriend, but i never thought it would be this crowded. My uncle has bought the tickets since 10 AM and he got for 3 PM. I went to PA at 2.30 PM and start queuing and i got for 17.20 PM at Studio 3 (21 in Jogja has 5 studios and 4 of them are playing Spiderman 3). I was very lucky, since most of the theater has been fully booked (even for Monday's schedule, since the price is cheaper than in weekend, except when you use BCA's credit card). When i saw Studio 1, the only seat left was the front-left most position. It's very uncomfortable place, so i decided to try another Studio. It happened again in Studio 2, until finally i can get better seat at Studio 3, so i took it. Since we still had 2,5 hours to spend, we had lunch at the food court first, waiting until the movie starts.

Finally after 2 hours of waiting, we got into the Studio and watched the movie. The movie was fantastic, no wonder many people willing to stand to get the tickets. Peter had to fought three enemies (it will turn into two at the end). For those who haven't seen this movie, then hurry up and go get your tickets. It's one of the must-seen movies which will be played this year besides some other movies, such as Fantastic Four, Pirates of Carribean, and Harry Potter (and there are lots more. i know you know more than me about movies list).

After the movie ended, we walk downstairs and saw a big sale from Spyderbilt (hm... was it coincidence? Spyderbilt and Spiderman has the same basic logo, spider). Some of the counters at PA showing Spiderman 3 at their front doors. It's a true phenomena for Indonesian (and probably some other country as well).


  1. Wahhh wes ntn ho'o
    haduh2 disini aja males antri tiketnya
    nti de tunggu minggu ini or minggu depan sekalian :P

  2. wah rame banget yun, sampe2 yg buat besoknya dah penuh (nomat sih)

    wah gila2 an dech Spiderman 3 :D

    sabar ya..... kekekek

  3. When compared to just about every other Marvel comic-book movie released in the past couple of years, it’s a goddamn cinematic masterpiece.

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