Monday, May 07, 2007

MU Is The Champion Again

Finally MU fans can sleep well, since the title race is over (at least for Premiership). After won 2-4 from Everton, MU waited the result from Chelsea which eventually having a 1-1 draw with Arsenal which is sufficient to make MU won their premiership title again after two seasons away from them (Chelsea won it the last two season) because they won't be able to beat MU's score with 2 matches left (the difference is still 7). They will still compete next Thursday, but it won't change the title ownership. It's just a celebration in Chelsea's home base, just like what happened when Chelsea celebrates their title at Old Trafford. But still the match will be very 'hot' since it's not about the title race again, but more about pride. Both teams have locked one title and they are aiming for double title this season.

They will meet at FA's final match again and this time it will be a real final match again (i was hoping that MU could reach the Champion's league final and beat Chelsea, so they could won three times against Chelsea, but unfortunately, they lost to AC Milan and Chelsea lost to Liverpool). We will see the results and i'm looking forward to have happy results for MU :D

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