Saturday, May 12, 2007

Medici Dagger

Last night i finished a novel which was given by my ex-colleagues as my birthday and farewell gift from them. It's called The Medici Dagger, written by Cameron West. In the first page, they wrote lots of things for me (Thanks for that. I really appreciate it). Usually it took me about 1-2 days to finish a 300-400 pages novel, but since i had lots to do after i moved back to Jogja, i had to postpone reading this novel until last night i had some spare time and finally i read it to the end.

This novel is like the Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code who brought Leonardo Da Vinci's creation as the main idea, but it's not as controversial as the previous one. It's about a dagger which is very light, very sharp and contain a material which can be used for good/evil purposes (depends on who has the dagger).

Since it's finished, i can start reading my next novel, The Amber Spyglass, third trilogy of Dark Materials from Philip Pullman. I have bought this novel long time ago, but i have to wait until i finished the first two book before i can start reading this one and now it's time. This novel is awarded as Withbread Book of the Year.