Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fixing IPod's Earphone

Few days ago, when i helped my cousin to fix his computers, i was wearing my IPod and since i bowed, the right earphone got off my ears and went to the ground and bumped. I was surprised, since usually it never got off from my ears. Perhaps it was loose. So i picked it up and listen to the IPod again, but the right one produces less sound that it used to be (because of the bumping i guess). Perhaps i should start finding a computer shop in Jogja which sell IPod's spare parts. It's still functioning well, but the sound is not balanced again, as the left one is louder than the right one.

Any information about IPod's service center in Jogja will be very helpful.

Update (26 May 10:52 PM): Looks like ARTHA in Plaza Ambarukmo sells IPod and some of it's spare parts. I asked them the price for the earphone, and they told me about IDR 200.000 - 300.000. That's way too much for an earphone. I could get a nice earphone with less than that. Probably i will stick with the original earphone for a while.