Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hackergotchis For Business Card

Linux.Com posted an article about Creating Hackergotchis Using GIMP which is very interesting. Hackergotchi is a picture of a person's head that's used as an avatar for identification on a blog (usually 80x80 pixels, so it can be used as Avatars also). All you need is a picture of yourself (or other people whom you wished to be cropped) and an image editing application (there are a lot of application that you can find on the Internet who can do this). The point is removing unneeded area and leave the main head alone and set the size into Avatar size (80x80 pixels). Slashdot also uses this kind of icon on their site to reflect something related (for example Bill Gate's face for Microsoft-related news).

Next step is to use Hackergotchis for business card. Is it really possible? Well, Jeff Waugh had an idea of making this into business card and the result is very cool. I guess soon we will see hackergotchis embedded in business card :D


  1. Anonymous12:30 AM

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    Business Cards should be looked at like mini billboards. One common mistake that alot of people make is putting their business name at the top of their card! EG. If you fix broken TV's...rather then put "John's TV Repairs" at the top, you would be better off putting "Your TV Fixed in 2 Days or You Don't Pay!"

    Putting an eye-catching headline is key...just like when you read a newspaper, you look for the headline that interests you and read the article...a business card is the same.

    There are also ways to get your business card handed out for all over town to your target audience without you even lifting a finger....and it goes directly to your target market. I have a huge blog dedicated to the topic of generating cash flow out of your business cards. If you have cards sitting around that you don't use, feel free to take a look at .


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