Monday, April 16, 2007

Wi-Fi Bug in Linux

A critical bug has been found on WiFI driver for Linux platform which enables the attacker to control the victim's computer, even if there's no WiFI (i stressed that out, since normally when you are not connected to any WiFI hotspots, your computer couldn't be accessed by outside people). This bug affects the widely used MadWi-Fi Linux kernel device driver for Atheros-based Wi-Fi chipsets and luckily the developer has provided a patch to fix this, but most Linux distribution hasn't update their package to include the patch, so most of the users would have to do the patch manually.

I personally don't use MadWi-Fi driver, since i'm using Intel Centrino's driver that was already built in inside the Linux kernel package and gets an automatic updates almost every final kernel release. So far, i don't have any problem with this driver and it's working like charm.

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