Friday, April 20, 2007

Another Books

Today, i went to Gramedia again in Taman Anggrek Mall with my colleagues. Actually i wanted to buy a book from my colleague who's leaving the office today, but i found something interesting there. They have great sale for imported books (the old one) up to 80% and i saw some books which were interesting and finally i decided to bought one of them, called Extreme Programming Installed. In Amazon, the book's price is $34.99, and the original price was IDR 238.850 and i got 80% discount, so i only had to pay IDR 47.770, nice right? There are still some books there and the offering is still available until the end of this month (30 April). I don't know whether it will be available on other Gramedia book store also, but i bought it on Taman Anggrek.

Well, as usual, i also bought a novel books and i never missed this one also. I bought The Broker by John Grisham. Hopefully it will be a good novel book.


  1. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Hi Pak Willy, on Amazon there is often the used-book link where you can find *really* cheap books. For older computer books, sometimes the book costs only $1 but the shipping is more ($5 to $10). These books are usually still new (been sitting at the bookstore shelf for 5 years) :) [TH].

  2. still, the shipping cost more than the books itself :D
    Yes, i have seen those kind of offering in Amazon and i did buy some books online, but not in Amazon i guess.