Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Much Much Better

After congratulating my girlfriend for her birthday last night, we talked a little bit until 00:30 this morning and finally i could took a rest and right now i'm feeling much much better than yesterday. My head are still quite heavy but it's not that dizzy as yesterday. I took Vitacimin as a supplement when i feel my body is weakening and it does effective for me as it contains enough C vitamin to raise the body endurance. So if you think that you are feeling ill, go get some rest and take a supplement which includes C vitamin lol (Thanks to Nurul for his tips on getting Yahoo's emoticon works on Blogger)


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Nurul yang mana ini mas ? Nurul yang cewek atau yang cowok?


  2. Wuakakkakaa mbojo ae :D
    Cepet sembuh ya dul

  3. @Cahyo : Nurul yg cowok donk, khan sudah ada URLnya :D

    @Cien: Mbojo gimana? malah gak sempet, karena harus tidur awal :D

  4. I don't think You much better because Vitacimin. Probably, you much better because you have talked to your girlfriend.

    That's a real Vitacimin, :-D.

    #Nurul, nama yang susyah dibedakan jenis kelaminnya, huahahaha...

    Nama yang Susyah Dibedakan Jenis Kelaminnya

    Just Kidding...

  5. hahaha, i didn't talked that much when i was sick. I just sleep to get well soon