Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Zencafe 1.0 Released

Zencafe is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Zenwalk distribution that was aimed for Internet Cafe. Since Zenwalk is based on Slackware, Zencafe is likely to have the same characteristic and it's backward compatible with Slackware, but with some polished design and include some new packages needed by most Internet cafe, such as billing tool, recovery tool, and many other program that are commonly used in most Internet cafe, such as browsers, IM client, Graphics (for capturing screenshot), multimedia), etc.

Recently, Zencafe has just released it's 1.0 version. Included in this release are:
- Kernel 2.6.20
- Xorg 7.1.1
- OpenOffice 2.10
- Gimpshop 2.2.11
- Firefox
- Gaim 2.0beta6
- GyachEnhanced 1.0.7
- CCL Billing 0.7.1
- Deepfreeze like tools

Here's some feature included in Zencafe (taken from original site):
* Awesome (powered by GNU/Linux Zenwalk as base)
* Modern (latest stable software)
* Fast (optimized for performance capabilities)
* User Friendly (designed for various internet cafe user technical background)
* Rational (standard internet cafe mainstream application only)
* Evolutionary (netpkg installation, deepfreeze like tool, and internet management software included)

More over, it's maintained by Indonesian people, A. Hardiena (he posted the announcement on Indonesian Linux Forum). If you are Internet cafe owner and you want to migrate to FOSS, i recommend that you should try this distribution and you can also contribute to this project by giving feedback to the maintainer to improve Zencafe for the next release.

So far, only 2 mirrors are provided and one of them is provided by Ozzie in Indonesian Slackware Community Site (FTP). Any other possibilities for mirrors?

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