Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Using AngkasaWave at Galeria

Today i went to Galeria Mall with my girlfriend after i gave presentation at UKDW. Luckily this time i brought my laptop, so i could try the free hotspot provided by AngkasaWave. They gave two kind of connection, the free user and also the commercial one. If we use the free user, it will only last for few minutes (10 minutes i guess) and we will be redirected to the login page again (you can do this as many time as you can). The connection is quite fast, but not very fast, but at least i can write a blog and also check my emails.


  1. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Wah, Bang Willy kok gak pakai skrinsyut? Terutama pada bagian "my grilfriend"-nya

  2. hahaha
    gak ada digicam nich (dulu hilang)
    mau sumbang? hehehe