Saturday, April 21, 2007

Download Legal Music

Few days ago, my friend played his play list and i heard that he has Stevie B's songs (only two of them). He's one of my favorite since when i was in junior high school. Luckily i still remember some of his songs lyrics, such as Dream About You, Funky Melody and Because I Love You. Today i am looking for the albums, but it's very hard to find it, since it was an old song. I saw the entry in MP3, but it cannot be downloaded. I searched Google (as usual, my favorite search engine) and finally i came to EZ-Tracks which provides legal mp3 downloads and you can download them (or to be used as a ringtone in your mobile phones) without any fees. You can download the music from ITunes also, making it easier to add it to your IPod, IPod Nano, and IPod Shuffle products.

At first, i'm confused, since i couldn't download anything, but after that i realized that i have to use the Music Manager provided by them in order to download the songs, so i installed it and finally the download page offers a .ezt file which is some kind of metadata about the songs and it will directly available in Music Manager and start downloading (see the screenshot). This application also offer an online radio, but i haven't tried this yet. The user interface is very simple. You will get a download queue, download folders, and download status (and also the online radio i discussed just know).

When you sign up, you will have 100 free songs to download and if you need more, i think you can buy some kind of credit to download more songs. Use this chance to download old songs that you couldn't find it anywhere.

Update (21 September 2007 : 7:54 AM): EZ-Tracks has launched a application this week that allows Facebook users to install a free music player on their profiles. This Facebook application is called ‘Free MP3 Music Player’ and allows all of their EZ-Tracks music to be played on Facebook user profiles completely free! Isn't that nice? Start using Ez-Tracks now

Ez-Tracks Music Manager


  1. Anonymous1:21 AM

    WooHoo! Free music! I'm a fellow fan too :)

  2. hey listen.....even i have used the ez-tracks music manager.....but when my PC was formatted, it got deleted. now i just cannot find tht software anywhere. not even on google. please can yu refer to a site where i will find the music manager. i tried looking for it in ez-tracks itself, but in vain. please help. if yu can help me, mail me at:

  3. try to sign in, and download the songs. It will ask you to open the EZ Music Manager if you have it installed or prompt to download it if you haven't have it

  4. RIIIIGHT... that whole "promting" thing doesn't work... I've tried doing that... Also, the MUSIC VIXEN on will work too... but it doesn't "promt" either.... SO. Any suggestions??? *SIGH* I'm still looking for that software...

  5. Hey, you can always mail me if you want to have the software. My email is willysr at gmail dot com

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