Friday, April 27, 2007

Schedule Confirmed

Finally i made up my schedule after i resign from my current office. My last day will be on Monday, 30 April and we are going to have some small farewell party at the office and invite some other colleagues and ex-colleagues (thanks for coming and sorry for someone who's still in the Netherlands hehehe). Tonight i will move all of my package in my place and i will stay at my auntie's house until i leave to Jogjakarta. That means i will have to go to the office by motorcycle on Monday (Urgghhh, it will be a traffic jam everywhere), but that's OK. It's just for one day.

I have also confirmed my ticket to go to Jogja which will be in Wednesday. I have just called the travel agency and they will send the tickets at noon. Since i already have a fixed schedule, i can use the non-refund tickets, thus i can get the lowest ticket available. Well, i hope there will not be any delays again :D

I probably won't be blogging during Monday and Wednesday, but let's see about that. I will try to get Internet access, since i have to moderate new users from Linux Forum as well (or they think that their account hasn't been approved). Another solution might be change the registration method to email again for a few days (which leads to some work for the moderators to remove the spammer's post) until i arrived in Jogja where i can get Internet access again.

A lot of things to be done in Jogja, so i start making up plans also.


  1. Wah Wil, beberapa waktu tidak update tahu-tahu kamu malah resign...

    Nggak betah di JKT ya :-).

    Semoga rencana pulang ke Jogja berjalan lancar dan nggak ada hambatan, apakah itu delay maupun hal lain yang mengganggu.

    Belum sempat ke Bekasi dah pulang niy... :-)

  2. bukannya udah pernah aku tulis ya?

    bukan masalah gak betah (ya jujur sih aku emang gak terlalu cocok dengan JKT), tp masalah utama adalah karena aku mau nglanjutin sekolahku di jogja :D

    thanks mas (atau lebih tepatnya Pak) Vavai :D

  3. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Good luck on the move. (ps. I have moving...:) [TH]

  4. wah dul dul...
    entek meneh ki temen maennya ..
    wah nti de kapan2 klo aku pulang jgj laen, maen bareng ya ama your gf :D
    Sukses ya!!! n cepet lulus !!! ta tunggu makan2nya (*always)
    Nice to work together with you

  5. hahaha, temen makan berkurang nich hahahahahaha