Thursday, April 26, 2007

World Without Cellphone?

Few days ago, i had to go back from the office early, because i didn't feel well (i have posted this also) and at that time, i forgot to bring my cellphones which i put inside the drawer. I realize that i forgot to bring it after i changed my clothes. My side pocket seems to be empty and at that time i realized that i forgot about my cellphones. When i tried to rest, i was thinking, what will this world be without cellphones? Cellphones are not only means of communication nowadays, but also being used for many other things, such as Internet Banking, Personal Information Manager, Internet access, and many more.

Imagine that you don't have any cellphone in your hand today and when you go out and you need to call somebody, you will have to find public telephone first before you can call your friend/business relation. Everything seems to be simplified ever since cellphones comes into this world. No wonder the usage of cellphones has surpassed usage of local phone, since besides it's getting cheaper, it's also portable and sometime smaller in size, so you can bring it on your pocket.

Few years ago, cellphones only being used by many rich people, but now, even six years kid also uses cellphones (even though they probably use the camera to take pictures), but it proves that cellphones has been accepted as a global trend and almost everybody has cellphone (some has more than one cellphone). It's a phenomenon trend that cellphone could bring.


  1. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Its worse if its a corporate cellphone or Blackberry. When you leave it behind, not only do you miss emails and voice calls (which may be good), but your boss afterwards craps all over you. :)

  2. Hm... i always put emails on my mail client, not in my cellphone as i don't have the latest cellphone which can handle emails such as blackberry or Nokia Communicator :)

  3. For me, the answer is very simple: "I will be jobless"... :))

  4. without cellphone, if you still phone house, it's no problem.
    cellphone is really really useful! like your 2nd girlfriend

  5. @Antony: hahaha, very simple and strict answer :P

    @Cien: Still it's hard to communicate well, mostly if you are a mobile person. And fact that in most villages, they prefer to use cellphones, since it's easier to get (since Telkom doesn't want to invest for public phone any longer)

  6. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Ah yes, where was the good 'ol days when you want to meet up with someone around 'x' at 'y' time and they'll be there. Now, it's pretty impossible to do it without the cellphone!!