Friday, March 07, 2008

3D Game Engine in Excel

Do you think Microsoft Excel can only be used to calculate values? Well, think again, since Peter Rakos has published an interesting article about 3D Game Engine that uses Microsoft Excel as the basic engine. It's not the bleeding-edge engine that can be used to produce famous games like Half Life 2, Unreal Engine (Unreal Tournament), idTech 4 (Doom 3), CryENGINE2 (Crysis) or Clever's Paradox, but it's for simpler usage.

Microsoft Excel has two rendering engine:
  1. Excel-native Cell Graphics (ECG)
  2. Office-level Graphics Abstraction Layer (OGAL)
And since we are working on 3D game engine, you will have to use this approach:
  1. Worksheet=Screen of the engine
  2. Cells=Pixels
He also provide working samples and videos if you prefer to watch the demos. Unfortunately, i couldn't tried the samples, since the macro isn't working on OOo Calc