Thursday, March 06, 2008

Acid3 Test Released

Even though not all browsers have fully passed the Acid2 Test, it doesn't mean that the WaSP just stopped there. They are trying to make another progress by releasing Acid3 Test.
According to the press release:
The Acid3 Test is designed to test specifications for Web 2.0, and exposes potential flaws in implementations of the public ECMAScript 262 and W3C Document Object Model 2 standards. Collectively known as DOM Scripting, it is these technologies that enable advanced page interactivity and power many advanced web applications such as web-based email and online office applications.
Here are the specification used for Acid3 Test:
  • DOM2 Core
  • DOM2 Events
  • DOM2 Range
  • DOM2 Style (getComputedStyle, …)
  • DOM2 Traversal (NodeIterator, TreeWalker)
  • DOM2 Views (defaultView)
  • ECMAScript
  • HTML4 (<object>, <iframe>, …)
  • HTTP (Content-Type, 404, …)
  • Media Queries
  • Selectors (:lang, :nth-child(), combinators, dynamic changes, …)
  • XHTML 1.0
  • CSS2 (@font-face)
  • CSS2.1 (’inline-block’, ‘pre-wrap’, parsing…)
  • CSS3 Color (rgba(), hsla(), …)
  • CSS3 UI (’cursor’)
  • data: URIs
  • SVG (SVG Animation, SVG Fonts, …)

The goal is to have all browsers outputs the same rendering like in the reference pixel by pixel. So far, none has managed to passed this test yet (yes, it's a failed parade so far), but we will soon enough.

I have tested Firefox on Linux and it produces 50/100, while Firefox 3.0 Beta 3 produces 58/100. Opera 9.26 on Linux produces 45/100. I couldn't see Konqueror's value, since it was blocked by an empty frame (it's known bug).

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