Thursday, March 13, 2008

Flashget on Linux

One of the advantage of having premium Rapidshare account is the capability of using download managers, so that you can download in parallel, causing faster download and no waiting time. The problem is that most of the download manager supported by Rapidshare is for Windows platform (i used Flashget). In Linux, i couldn't use wget and Firefox's resume capabilities don't work. So i used Opera since Opera can resume the operation even if it's disconnected.

Another problem solved, and a new problem arise. When i used Opera and download multiple files from Rapidshare, my Speedy connection often disconnected by itself (i don't know why) and the download stopped, since Opera don't have retry features (yet). I must resume the download manually.

Since Flashget is supported in Windows, why don't i tried it on Linux using Wine? So i installed Flashget through wine and it worked, but when i tried to test it to download file from Rapidshare, it didn't worked out. It seems that Flashget running via wine is not able to capture the session of my Rapidshare account, so Flashget failed.

But before i gave up on Flashget, i wanted to test whether it failed only for Rapidshare or for all files, so i tried to download some files and i got a surprising thing. Even though Speedy is declared having speed UP to 384 Kbps (equals to 48 KB/s), i can get more than 48KB/s. Check the screenshot for the proof. I usually download 25 MB of file around 10 minutes, but using Flashget in Linux, i can retrieve it only in 4 minutes big grin

So Flashget does work, but it couldn't be used for downloading from Rapidshare. I will conduct more test on this one as it should be working (from my opinion).

Update (06:59): It worked now. I forgot to pass my username and password in Flashget configuration love struck


  1. Wow. Odd timing, I've been looking for a FlashGet alternative for Linux recently. I've tried d4x and many others, but as you experienced they just don't work as well.

    I'm wondering how well FlashGet integrates when running under WINE? Will it still pick up from copy and paste as I usually download a large number of files from RapidShare at once? Finally, what did you mean about passing the password through the configuration? Normally I just put my username and password in the Add Download box, and click "Set as Default"?

  2. Me too. I had tried several applications, but all of them failed to download from Rapidshare

    So far, it works perfectly. The interface is not as good as in Windows, but it's not that different. Installation using Wine will require you to install Mozilla, but you can ignore this, but you won't see anything in the recommendation panel (it's not a big problem).

    The integration part is not yet working. You will have to copy and paste manually (meaning you will have to switch to Flashget very often). Sometimes, there's a garbage characters added at the end of the URL, so be cautious. But, once added, the scheduling, multiple downloads are working great.

    Yes, i forgot to put my username and password on that part. Silly me :)

  3. Are you able to use flashget with flashgot? I know it's for firefox -- not entirely sure about opera, but I'm assuming that the add-ons is available for either. Flashgot basically allows you to select a number of links (or text url's), right click, and send them all to your download manager

    I've noticed that d4x works pretty well when you specify to break the files into 4 - 5 parts. My main problem with it is that it occasionally closes on me for no apparent reason (the application, not my connection)...

    I'll have to try flashget with wine myself, thanks. Nice blog btw

  4. i don't use flashgot on my system and i think Flashget itself is enough for me (at least so far)

    thanks for the comments :)

  5. Well, got it installed and it works really well. A few little problems, but nothing show stopping.

    Clipboard monitoring doesn't work, so with big links to get around this I made a file with all the links I wanted to download on a line each. The file needs to have .lst as an extension; because of the way Unix handles text files differently to Windows, FlashGet will spit the file out with an error if you try to import. To get around this you need to install the todos utility (sudo apt-get install tofrodos" on Ubuntu) then type "todos -u urls.lst", replacing urls.lst with the name of your file.

    After doing this, FlashGet will allow you to import the links succesfuly (File > Import Links)

  6. this is what i need. Thanks Sigmund :)
    in Slackware, todos is already included in bin, so i don't have to install anything

    the syntax is a little it different though. I used todos < download > download.lst

  7. I'm using Flashgot to integrate Flashget into Firefox. Simply add a download manager to Flashgot with command "/usr/bin/wine", and the argument is "c:\flashget\flashget.exe [URL]". It works perfectly except downloadig from Rapidshare or Megaupload. I don't know how to share Firefox session cookies to Flashget.

  8. Thanks for the tips, but so far, i'm quite happy with Flashget's ability to import .lst file.

    So all i need to do is write all my download list into a file with .lst extension, convert it with todos < download > download.lst and then ask Flashget to import the download list. It works great :)

  9. Native support for "wined" download managers (including FlashGet and Orbit Downloader) has just been introduced in latest FlashGot builds. Tested on Ubuntu 8.0.4, it works just like on Windows.

  10. how can i start to download from torrent files i just downloaded atorrent file and then i started with flash get but it didn't start.

  11. flashget is not for torrents :)

  12. Willy, FlashGet does handle torrent files in Windows at least, don't see why it wouldn't work on Linux. However there are many torrent clients natively in Linux.

  13. ah yes, my mistake :)
    I didn't see the torrent menu, since i use different torrent clients on Linux (KTorrent) or Windows (utorrent)

    Thank you Sigmund for the clarification :)

  14. hey, it worked on my Slackware
    I just tried to download torrent via FlashGet which is running on Wine and it worked :)

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  16. I know what I suggest here is a long work around ... but it works like a charm, especially if you are setting up many split-downloads at once...

    1. copy the links to a text file, name it links.lst
    the extension is lst (list)is required for firefox to pick it up directly.

    2. Flip it (convert unix carriage return and line feed to windows style) using program available at

    many other sources are available
    (google 'flip unix to windows text' sans quotes)

    3. in flashget File->Import List and browse to the file. Enjoy!

  17. i have used that method too
    but, i used this command:
    todos < download > download.lst

    then i used Flashget to get the .lst file

  18. Anonymous8:27 AM

    I am attempting install of jdownloader in Ubuntu 9.04 (easypeasy 1.5) for use on my netbook. I love it in Windows, so I decided to Google. Supposedly, it works. I'm hoping it will end my copy/paste/wait, copy/paste again when downloading multiple files. I'll drop back in to let you all know if it does work, and if there were special install procedures.