Thursday, March 13, 2008

Flashget on Linux

One of the advantage of having premium Rapidshare account is the capability of using download managers, so that you can download in parallel, causing faster download and no waiting time. The problem is that most of the download manager supported by Rapidshare is for Windows platform (i used Flashget). In Linux, i couldn't use wget and Firefox's resume capabilities don't work. So i used Opera since Opera can resume the operation even if it's disconnected.

Another problem solved, and a new problem arise. When i used Opera and download multiple files from Rapidshare, my Speedy connection often disconnected by itself (i don't know why) and the download stopped, since Opera don't have retry features (yet). I must resume the download manually.

Since Flashget is supported in Windows, why don't i tried it on Linux using Wine? So i installed Flashget through wine and it worked, but when i tried to test it to download file from Rapidshare, it didn't worked out. It seems that Flashget running via wine is not able to capture the session of my Rapidshare account, so Flashget failed.

But before i gave up on Flashget, i wanted to test whether it failed only for Rapidshare or for all files, so i tried to download some files and i got a surprising thing. Even though Speedy is declared having speed UP to 384 Kbps (equals to 48 KB/s), i can get more than 48KB/s. Check the screenshot for the proof. I usually download 25 MB of file around 10 minutes, but using Flashget in Linux, i can retrieve it only in 4 minutes big grin

So Flashget does work, but it couldn't be used for downloading from Rapidshare. I will conduct more test on this one as it should be working (from my opinion).

Update (06:59): It worked now. I forgot to pass my username and password in Flashget configuration love struck