Thursday, March 06, 2008

FreeBSD 7.0 Released

The next major upgrade for FreeBSD has been released by the FreeBSD Release Engineering team. Unlike other release, it's considered major, so quite new improvements have been introduced on this release. Here's some of them (full changes can be seen on the release notes):
  • Dramatic improvements in performance and SMP scalability
  • Improvement on ULE scheduler
  • Experimental support for Sun's ZFS filesystem
  • Use of gjournal to set up journaled filesystems, gvirstor can be used as a virtualized storage provider
  • Read-only support for the XFS filesystem
  • iSCSI initiator
  • TSO and LRO support for some network drivers
  • Experimental SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol) support
  • Much improved wireless (802.11) support
  • Network link aggregation/trunking (lagg(4)) imported from OpenBSD
  • JIT compilation to turn BPF into native code, improving packet capture performance
  • Much improved support for embedded system development for boards based on the ARM architecture
  • jemalloc, a new and highly scalable user-level memory allocator
Congratulations to the BSD Team.

Btw, thanks to Andrew Pantyukhin from FreeBSD team who gave donations to my account via PayPal

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