Friday, March 21, 2008

Guest Post

Few days ago, i got an email from Heather Johnson, a professional writer who wanted to write an article on my blog. I agreed with the deal, but i'm the one that approves the articles (since it's my blog anyways). So starting today, Heather Johnson's article will sometimes comes up in my blog (of course it's in English).

The first article that she sent me is about Top 10 Traits of a Successful Business Professional. I will post this article on another post big grin


  1. Wah hati hati saja,kayaknya itu ada udang di balik batu. Itu kan jadi promosi gratis website dia.

    Cari aja email dia di Google. Kebanyakan blog spam ..

  2. emang sih, tapi biarin aja
    toh aku juga gak ada ruginya :)

    kalo memang tulisannya gak bagus, aku gak posting kok (itu hak ku)