Saturday, March 15, 2008

Upgraded Bandwidth

Telkom said that they wouldn't gave any compensations regarding to outage for one day earlier this month, but this morning i noticed something different. My modem's LED has turned red, meaning that the Internet connection was down. I tried to restart the modem, delete the account and make a new one, but everything failed.

When i logged in to my modem interface, i saw something different. My bandwidth is no longer 384kbps, but 1024kbps (1 MB). The upstream was also doubled to 128kbps from 64kbps. I'm not sure whether it's part of Telkom's compensations or Telkom is trying to upgrade their Speedy's bandwidth (which is good step). I asked the customer service and they told me that not every users got this upgrades. I wonder if any of you experienced this too?

No wonder i could download up to 100KB/s few days ago big grin


  1. Hmm how lucky you are..:)
    Have checked my connection, still 327/52 kbps against local server.

  2. hehe, thank you
    Well, even though it's upgraded, i don't get significant download speed (not tripled). Just a little bit faster :)

  3. Yep...lucky-lucky :D

    I'm using IndosatM2 right now, and in their website they still displayed the old bandwidth allocation (384 kbps) but in reality, they already upgraded all cable modem bandwidth to 1 mbps, at the price of 384 kbps, for about 3 months.

    So i'm more lucky than everybody think IM2 user might be. lol

    P.S : Speedy's DSL right? Is it more stable than IM2's cable connection?

  4. perhaps they are upgrading it step by step, so they won't display the upgraded bandwidth in their website, since if they do that and people will complaint if they haven't got an upgrade on their accounts

    I'm not sure whether it's stable or not, since i haven't tried IM2, so i can't make any comparison, but so far i can say speedy's connection is quite stable if you want to download things, except when it's disconnected. I often get steady connection (around 30-40 KB/s everytime, including at business hour)

  5. Haha lucky you! No wonder you have all those movies! You're such a download addict!! I still use my starone...which is faster these days, but still trying to persuade my dad to put speedy on. Hope it works!

  6. how unlucky, the IG2S program has ended, meaning that you won't get 50% discount if you register now

    you should ask it earlier