Friday, March 07, 2008

Some Clean Up

In the last three days, i have been trying to clean up this blog. It's a messy blog (i admit that). Not too much updates on the right side, so here's what i have done so far:
  1. Add PayPal Donation button (i got the first donation from FreeBSD people)
  2. Update the blog roll list (i haven't update this for some time and it's a perfect timing to check each blog roll. Some were removed and new blog rolls are added)
  3. Update the project and site links
  4. Fix the broken link (i hope there are all fixed now)
  5. Remove some unnecessary elements
  6. Remove the border for the blog title and description and also make it bigger and bold. It's all borderless now. I have tried to add background for the upper section, but the results are not good, so i reverted it back.
  7. Update the background picture to be more transparent (Thanks to Rodin for the suggestion)
  8. Make the width of the main content bigger, but adjust it a bit to make it don't scroll when viewed on 800x600 (please let me know if it scrolls horizontally)
  9. Update the some font color to make it darker
  10. Update the search box by adding Google's logo and remove the "Powered by" text
  11. Remove the ILC 2007 logo as it's already out of date (i'm waiting for this year's ILC in Bali)
I really wanted to migrate to the new template engine, but it's not that easy, since i have tried this before and the results are far from what i expected (because i have modified some parts of the template used on this blog so it looks like what you have seen right now). A total migration would be time consuming, as i have to create all the elements from scratch. So no new theme, just a little clean up big grin