Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Testing Speedy's Connection

Few days ago i have mentioned that Speedy was upgrading their bandwidth to several users. Today, i tested the connection using SpeedTest and here's the result. I use server in Jakarta as the first testing subject.

At the screenshot you can see that the download rate is 890 kb/s (kilobits per second) meaning that i can get around 111 KB/s (kilo bytes per second). The upload is 105 kb/s, meaning i can get around 13 KB/s. While this calculation is far from the offer (1024/128), it's far better than previous one (384/64). It's normal to have this number, as it's probably connected to IIX networks, so it should be very fast.

The second server that i used is on New York, USA. The result is shown below. If you see the number, don't get surprised, since it tried to access external server outside Indonesia. The speed dropped by half, but i think it's still quite fast.

Check the screenshot. Look for the name of the ISP. It's written PT. Telecomunikasi Indonesia. Telkom's people should write a complaints or request to change this big grin

Besides using this kind of testing, i also tried to download several big files, for example the latest VMWare (Server/Player) which approximately 160-180 MB each. Each file took me less than 30 minutes to complete with average of 105 KB/s. love struck

The strange thing is when i download files from Rapidshare, the speed is way below. I only got 50-60 KB/s. confused