Monday, March 24, 2008

Back to Normal Life

After quite a long weekend last week, we all going back to normal activities starting today. That mean lots of papers to be done, meetings to attend, papers to be written, homeworks to be done, and many more.

As for me, i had to reschedule my teaching schedule, due to unpredictable holiday last Wednesday. It wasn't an official holiday, but it was decided to be a holiday. Personally, i didn't agree with the decision, since it was told only one day before. Many lecturers were shocked to hear the news. For those who didn't have a schedule on Wednesday, it would be a good news, but i have a class on that day, so i had to make another class to switch for that day.

Another problem is that we are now testing five days of work, meaning that we couldn't conduct a class on Saturday anymore. Well, for now, it isn't a big problem for me, as i had my master degree on Saturday, but for others, this is big issues.

Maybe i'm planning to have a substitute class on Friday. Let's hope everybody can accept this idea big grin